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Thread: Fireproof housing wanted

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    Default Fireproof housing wanted

    Just purchace a USl and was lookig for a case for it. I was considering a Pelican case. My main concern is fire saftey in the evnt the light ever switched on,battewry short etc... Anyone know of good material or premade cases which are fire/heat/flame resistant retardant on the interior?

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    Default Re: Fireproof housing wanted

    i dunno but i think it's going to be hard for a fire to start in a sealed enviroment with a limited amount of oxygen like in a pelican case...... not saying it's impossible.. very rare
    but it can short circuit and explode but flame retardent won't do much there...
    so... i'd say just go with the pelican.... great cases.. just lock out the tailcap if you can
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