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Thread: Arc AAA clips now for sale...

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    Default Arc AAA clips now for sale...

    I've worked up a little deal with Peter Gransee and now am able to sell Arc AAA clips to those of you who want one but probably won't be buying anything straight from Arc anytime soon and don't want to pay the $8 shipping to get one. Pricing is as follows shipped anywhere in the US. The clips will be sent first class in a padded envelope. Because I'm shipping USPS I can not offer any insurrence, but the clips are pretty cheap should one get lost in the mail and I hope that doesn't happen anyway...International customers please eMail me for a quote.

    Here are some photos of the clip.

    1 Clip : $2.00
    2 Clips : $2.50
    3 Clips : $3.00
    4 Clips : $3.50
    5 Clips : $4.00
    6 Clips : $4.50
    7 Clips : $5.00
    8 Clips : $5.50
    9 Clips : $6.00
    10 Clips: $6.50
    11 Clips: $7.00
    12 Clips: $7.50

    If you're ordering more than 12 clips please just eMail me for a quote [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Use this eMail address and for fastest response be sure to include the words "Arc" and "Clip" in the subject.

    I expect to start shipping them Monday, January 20 for all orders recieved before then, and after that I should ship them as the orders come in.

    Based on popularity I may be able to offer this again in the future, but for now let's say all orders in before January 31 ok?


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    Default Re: Arc AAA clips now for sale...

    Whoops...I posted in the wrong forum. Moved to B/S/T. Follow via the link by your name:

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