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Thread: Protective Plastic Meltdown?

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    Default Protective Plastic Meltdown?

    Peter mentioned, in an earlier thread, that the protective plastic applied to the LS lens
    could be removed or left on. Purely personal preference.

    Has anyone tried to remove the plastic, after their LS fully heats up?

    While I like the idea of leaving it on, I don't want it to become "one"
    with the lens.


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    Default Re: Protective Plastic Meltdown?

    lg, the optics should not get anywhere near hot enough to melt the plastic. Now if this was an incandescent flashlight, there would be a lot better chance of this happening.


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    Default Re: Protective Plastic Meltdown?

    Just the answer I wanted to hear. [img]graemlins/icon14.gif[/img]

    Again, THANKS!

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