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Thread: Arc AAA battery voltages

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    I don't know the exact circuit used in Arc AAA. But if it's an IC based circuit, the cut-off is 0.7-0.8V; if it's a single transistor (Sacure) circuit, it can go below 0.4V.

    Although Arc AAA can take "dead" batteries, you shouldn't intentionally feed it with really dead ones unless you are trapped in the wildness. Batteries generate hydrogen gas when the voltage is really low, and this causes an internal pressure build-up. If the sealing is not perfect, you run into the danger of leaking electrolytes into the Arc AAA. That can be an expensive AUCH!

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    I have succesfully ran a 0.8 volts dead AAA on it. Maybe I will link the head to the bench power supply and see how low it can get on different voltages and plot a graph. But I can only do that tonight when my mum comes back since I passed by ARC AAA LE to her.

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    Default Arc AAA battery voltages

    I know that it can run on a "dead" battery, but how dead does it have to be for it not to turn on?

    I put a "dead" battery in my Arc AAA thats approx 1 volt, and it lights up bright.

    What is the minimum voltage that the LED needs in order to light?

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