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Thread: Nebo CSI Light

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    Default Nebo CSI Light

    Anyone have any experience with this light? It looks pretty promising, not much info on it though. I saw it in a hardware store and the build quality looked pretty good, although i didn't get to mess around with it.

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    Sounds like a lot of marketing mumbo-jumbo to me.

    What would you do with an infra-red laser anyhow? Humans can't see infra-red.
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    im fairly certain they meant red, they have them at ace hardware and they are red lasers.
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    Default Re: Nebo CSI Light

    yea i'm pretty sure it's a red laser

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    Smile Re: Nebo CSI Light

    I bought a case of these to have around the house. That was before I discovered CPF and the wide variety of choices.

    The 8 white LED's put out a decent amount of light, but throw is minimal. Good for working around the house or in the car.

    The best thing about these lights -- and the reason I keep one in the range bag and on my desk -- is the laser. That thing can be seen a good 400+ yards away! It's quite powerful and useful.

    The casing is not very thick and the overall fit and finish is average at best, but they're also not too heavy and I do like the reverse clicky button on the side vs. on the end.

    Bottom line: good for around the house/car, 3AAA design = plentiful batteries, nice laser pointer, make good gifts but NOT for kids due to the powerful laser

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    nice!, thx for the info man. None of the sites i visited even had info on what batteries it used lol

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