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Thread: DV & EV rank LEDs - Arc AAA

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    Default DV & EV rank LEDs - Arc AAA

    I've got an Arc AAA Turquoise on backorder and am curious about the LED ranks. Since Arc will be filling only the backorders on this otherwise discontinued light, I'd like to be able to request a certain LED rank.

    I've heard that Arc is using the coveted EV rank LED as opposed to the "standard" turquoise rank. Just recently, however, I've read about the DV rank (with "V" brightness and "D" color?). From my search of the forums, I've learned that you guys seem to prefer the DV over the EV. Is there any particular reason for this preference? I would assume that they are of very similar brightness, based on the "V" component of the rank. Does the DV have a significant color difference (bluer? than the EV) as to bring the spectral sensitivity of the human eye and PERCEIVED brightness into the picture?

    Or does the DV just look neater than the EV? [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: DV & EV rank LEDs - Arc AAA

    IIRC, the dv is more blue/green and the ev shades more to the green.

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    Default Re: DV & EV rank LEDs - Arc AAA

    I have two 'EV' marked lights which look greener and SLIGHTLY less bright to my eyes than the one that came in the non-EV package.

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