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Thread: Your Antique Flashlights in Review

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    Thank you for reviving this great thread. I love searching for, buying, and fixing up these old lights.

    There is one of those Burgess promo lights for sale at the Roller Mills Antique Co-op in Lewisburg, PA.. It has been sitting there in the case for years, and I have resisted the temptation because it is priced at full retail, about $50-$60 if I remember correctly.
    I even pointed the flashlight out to my wife during one trip thru town, and asked if she would get it for me for X-mas maybe, and she answered with a quick NO!
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    Late to the party but an awesome read!! Thanks Mr. Fixer. I have got to ride my motorcycle down there and check out your collection sometime. I'm heading down to FL in September.

    It's always amazing to me how many ways there are to accomplish the same thing. I am fascinated by all the different light designs. In this day and age where everything's disposable it's extremely rewarding to be able to make an old light light again. It's a relatively inexpensive hobby to get into to.

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    You'll know when you've entered my state.
    The state tree is a Road Construction Ahead sign. State flower is a Road Work Next X Miles sign and the state bird wears a yellow vest while holding a Stop/Slow paddle.

    At one point I was ailing with a fatigue issue that my doctor eventually figured out was an under active thyroid, so I spent hours between naps learning and acquiring old flashlights. I tried to write down things here at CPF as an archive istead of writing a book. My OCD would likely lead to it never reaching publication.

    I'm still surprised by the LED light at times in how the path of electricity goes from fuel cell to the light emitters. But to learn how folks did it in the "pioneer" days has its own fascination since back then this stuff was still being invented.

    BL, if the Burgess promo is in real good shape that's not a bad price given how few nice ones are left.
    I lucked up one day and crossed paths with a nice lady at etsy looking for a home for a never used one.
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    I'm jealous! Honestly, all the buying I did on etsy, because literally anyone can sell on there with zero vetting whatsoever was about 40-60. As in 40% was good, and 60% downright miserable! Honestly wish I hadn't ever heard of that site. Especially since I personally found nothing vintage as far as lights go! Well, at least not basically destroyed condition with steep mark-ups.
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