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Thread: WTB: 6AA 2D adapter

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    Default WTB: 6AA 2D adapter

    Putting together a ROP mag and would like to run the nimh aa's. looking for a 6aa 2d adapter. Can send paypal.

    ** Edit, i guess a 8aa 2d adapter would work as well, using 1 dummy cell, if any1 has one.
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    Default Re: WTB: 6AA 2D adapter

    See this thread:


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    Default Re: WTB: 6AA 2D adapter

    Thanks, I was looking thru that thread earlier.. fivemega is out of the AA 2d adapters att.

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    Default Re: WTB: 6AA 2D adapter

    you can get a 2D to 8AA from Modamag here only one in stock!!

    EDIT: you can also get some dummy cell from modamag for 5$ (?)

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    Default Re: WTB: 6AA 2D adapter

    Ordered the 8aa 2d adaptor from sandwich shoppe! thanks.

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