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Thread: What light is this?

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    Default What light is this?

    Has anyone seen this light before? My brother-in-law picked it up for me from someone he works with. Cheap ($8) but suprisingly well made.

    It looks like 0.25" OD aluminum tubing (or possibly Ti, but I doubt it) with a low rank white LED and a screw down tail switch. No lens. Pocket clip. Powered by two 3V BR435 02A Lithium cells. Just a shade under 5" long. It has 8 small holes drilled through the tubing around the base of the LED to let a little light peek through, odd looking.

    Wondering if anyone knows of an online source as I'd like some more. I don't know how many this guy has.

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    Default Re: What light is this?

    It's a Led-Lenser Photonenpumpe LED Chipfire V16. I've only been able to find german websites for it. Craig at www.LEDMUSEUM.ORG has reviewed some of this company's many different lights.

    Some of the Led-Lenser brand lights can be found at Target in the sporting goods aisle. They're branded Eddie Bauer and say Coast Tools on the back of the package. I've got one that takes 3 N-size batteries. It's brighter than my white photon II and my ARC-AAA. It also has those trademark holes around the head.

    Here are some of the sites I came across that carry the light you have.

    Try one of the web page translators.

    Or you can try searching "led lenser v16" in a search engine.

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    Default Re: What light is this?

    I have one.

    At least I sometimes find the one I have because since the clip fell off, this little light turns up in the bottom of pockets or bags when I'm not looking for it but I couldn't tell you where it is right now!

    Not bad, not Ti though...


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    Default Re: What light is this?

    Amazon sells it under the brand Coast if you search for it also www.cabelas.com too.

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    Default Re: What light is this?

    I just saw that light and several other models by the same manufacturer at a Target store in the sporting goods department. They have them branded under the Eddie Bauer name.

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    Default Re: What light is this?

    Hey, I've got one of those too... .. .... no, wait... it's just a tire gauge. Never mind.

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    Default Re: What light is this?

    [ QUOTE ]
    Hey, I've got one of those too... .. .... no, wait... it's just a tire gauge. Never mind.

    [/ QUOTE ]


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    Default Re: What light is this?

    yepp, it's the so-called Chipfire V16 from the German manufacturer LedLenser or Zweibrueder Optoelectronics.
    for more details look here:
    cpf led lenser thread

    in the next few days I'll be doing a complete summary of all their lights since I can very often see questions about them and since I like them quite a bit and have them all ...



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