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Thread: Modded light 7 led's help!!

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    Default Modded light 7 led's help!!

    I have been looking around in this site but i couldnt find it. Maybe im not looking at the right place. I'm very interested in a modded MAgLite! such as: 3, 4 or even 7 cree LED's in it...WHO mods it ???? who sells it??
    where can i buy it??? WHERE???????????????????
    PLs help..... its driving me nuts!....Also MODDED Lights not neccessarily maglite but prefers 2,3,4, or 7 cree LED's in it

    I tried to PM some people if they would sell it but no response!!!!!!!!!!

    I would really appreciate if someone can direct me to the right person, place or where ever.

    Thank you

    P.S. preferably 7 led's
    j֥ Th Lf Wth LT f Lm

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    Default Re: Modded light 7 led's help!!

    PM a member named Milkyspit.

    He's on vacation right now, but still send him a PM.
    I miss my Milkmods.

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    Default Re: Modded light 7 led's help!!


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