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Thread: fenix p2d rebel100 decision

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    Default fenix p2d rebel100 decision

    i just got my solarforce in and it seems like a great light.
    nice beam, very very bright for it's size.
    nice white, slight touch of cool.

    it came with four 3.0 volt rechargeable batts and a charger.
    now that i have this "funky battery" charger i'm thinking of getting another light to match it.

    namely the p2d rebel 100

    this is the one that takes two 3.0 volt rechargeable batts and a true 200 lumens right.

    that is alot of light from a pocket rocket.
    having this charger is an excuse for me to deviate from the everyday aa lights and try out the rebel at the same time.
    what do you guys think?
    6d rop high 4dmag tri-cree 4d mag penta q5 (fs)
    mte seoul aa 3aa magled q5mod fenix l0d q4 on 10440s
    fenix l2d q5 fenix l2d rebel 100 3dmag w/monsterthrowIII

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    Default Re: fenix p2d rebel100 decision

    Youre thinking of the p3d reble not the p2d. The pd3 is pretty bright but not 200 lumes closer to 150 wich is still very bright. The quality is better than ultrafire lights but not as good as inova or surefire.

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