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Thread: EDC light suggestions

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    Default EDC light suggestions

    I've been reading for hours and learning a fair bit, but at this point I'm semi-overwhelmed with options and realize I'm missing out on other options. So here's what I'm looking for ROUGHLY.

    1. A small EDC light.
    2. Cost? $150 max. Unless $200 would net me my ultimate dream.
    3. I work nights so a rechargeable 123 format would be nice. I currently carry a Streamlight Stinger HP, which likely will be down converted to a Stinger with a Strion bulb as the HP head is too big for my belt carry. Even still this isn't something I carry all the time. Being able to run on non-rechargeable 123A batteries is a definite plus (obviously at reduced light)
    4. I'd like the light to be at least two brightness levels. One to check in vehicles, light my way in dark rooms, write parking summonses, etc. The other when I need to illuminate for searching, or providing increased officer safety. I do not need or care for 14 different illumination levels or strobes, etc. Just something simple and reliable.
    5. I would STRONGLY prefer a tailcap switch with the ability to lock the light on IE: not momentary only.
    6. Beam, wide enough I can search and walk without waving a light around scanning constantly. But narrow enough to look beyond the close.

    In a perfect world what do I want? A light slightly larger than a 123A battery, with a tail switch that gives me two output levels say 10 lumens (for LONG run times) and 500 lumens (More blinding = more better). The ability to run rechargeable 123As and normal ones. Hard anodized, Stainless, or Ti. All for the low price of someone paying me to use it. Now we know that won't happen so I'll make a couple exceptions.

    Options I've CONSIDERED..
    Novatac EDC-120P
    Lumapower LM301 or 303
    Dereelight-CL1H 2.0

    PLEASE feel free to make any suggestions or ask any quesions. I did my best to give you a solid feel for what I am looking for in a light.
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    Default Re: EDC light suggestions

    no question novatac 120P is the best chioce for you.
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    Default Re: EDC light suggestions

    Quote Originally Posted by mossyoak View Post
    no question novatac 120P is the best chioce for you.

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    Default Re: EDC light suggestions

    It's out of my current budget but they're right - Novatac
    My money's going for a Q5 fenix! Selling NOW............. Welcome TO CPF By the way!

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    Default Re: EDC light suggestions

    I love my Novatac 120 it bailed me out a couple of weeks ago, when the light on my belt died. Which was a Wolf Eyes Raider with the LED tailcap. Occasionally the led tail cap would turn on inside the nylon holster and drain the batteries.
    Currently I have a SF G3 with a SF P61 (200 lumen) lamp inside. I chose this light because metal lights get scratched at the bottom (tailcap) when on your duty belt.
    The G3 has a Polymer body. Pick up a 12 pack of SF batteries and they should last you awhile. It does not have the two modes you want but cheep enough that you can pick up a small LED like a Fenix and keep it in your pocket, for the times you need lower light. You can even get a Photon freedom. The clip is perfect to attach to your uniform pocket when writing a ticket. Rechargeable flashlights are great but every officer I know that has had light die on the while on shift was using a rechargeable light. Plus when it dies you need to wait while it charges. This way just drop in new batteries and you’re good to go. If you definitely want an LED I like my Fenix P3 it bight and has its own holster. I just find with ambient light (in the city) the incandescent works a little better for me.

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    Default Re: EDC light suggestions

    I also say NovaTac, seems to fit ur requirements to a T.

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    Default Re: EDC light suggestions

    Welcome to CPF............Best choice for what you are asking for is the NovaTac 120P.

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    Default Re: EDC light suggestions

    Novatac 120P....
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    Default Re: EDC light suggestions

    Hi Kavall,

    Do you need this light now?

    Although I own the NovaTac 120-P and rate it highly, you should be aware that HDS will be releasing a new light at the end of October, this will (IMO) beat the NovaTac hands down for quality, reliability etc. It will also have the option of a 2xCR123 or 18650 cell extender.

    You may (or may not) know that the NovaTac is designed by the HDS creator "Henry Schenker" and based on his awesome HDS series of lights, which are (once again IMO) far superior to the NovaTac.

    If you can't wait, the NovaTac 120-P is a sound choice

    BTW, welcome to CPF!

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    Default Re: EDC light suggestions

    Now, I need/want something tiny for low light jobs. I'm really strongly thinking of picking up a Lumapower LM301. Unless someone has a suggestion for something smaller. It likely will get passed on to my wife when I get done with it. But the simple three mechanical click led function seems pretty ideal.

    I still have my streamlight Stinger, which does a very good job as a main duty light for my needs.

    I was reluctant on getting the 120P as it seemed like a whole lot of bells and whistles. Things I really don't have need for. But it seems like from yall, it would be a good fit. As for time, it could easily end up on a Christmas list so yes, I can wait. The last thing in the world I want is to drop $100+ on a light and find out something far better suited to my needs was $30 less and I would have learned about it had I waited one day.

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