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    Maybe you guys can help me out with this research I am doing. Lots of people have bee trying to use leds to light up their fishtanks. The problem is people are just throwing up random ideas and taking the time to think about things. My first question is about Kelvins. A good light for corals has a Kelvin rating of 6500 or higher. So if you put leds with a Kelvin rating of 5500, then you aren't providing the correct light spectrum, correct? Next concern is how many leds. The one guy who has put some effort into the subject came to the conclusion that about 240 ft/cd would be needed to substain life. The problem is I don't have any formulas to figuring this out. The distance from the led to the bottom of the tank is about 11 inches. Thats about all the information that I have. I do know which led's I would use. 6500 K 20deg Led If somebody could please give me a formula to figuring this out. Rather a formula than a solution so I can expriment with different size tanks. Thanks for the help.


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    No? Anybody?

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