There are tons of flash mods here and I am getting dizyy finding and reading them all.

Is it possible to pull together a list of mod bulbs for each flashlight? It will be very valuable for future modder who want to buy a bulb for modding the flashligth.

Here are some criterion I can think of:

Possibly brightest (or longest throw without damaging a reflector/ housing/ switch assembley.

What would be great to provide are:

Flash light you are talking about
Bulb Brand/model
Socket Type
Brightness (Lumen?) or relative to something stard (.e. E2?)
Bulb life/price

Some list of flashlights I can think of now.

1. PT tec40 (popular mod one)
2. DB 4AAA
3. DB 4AA
4. DB 6AA
5. DB 8AA
6. MiniMag
7. Mag (2,3,4,5 cells)
8. SL 4 AA

If We can get the list long enought I will be happy to volunteer myself complying them all to gether and post it.