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Thread: Help w/ quad cree:dd + what Ohms = good?

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    Default Help w/ quad cree:dd + what Ohms = good?

    No flames please, I know a driver would be best.

    I have four cree Q2's that I would like direct drive (in parallel) off of 3 x NiMH. I have discovered after my purchase of the crees that the Q2 is probably not the best application because of their lower Vf compared to other cree bins.

    The question is what is the minimum resistance per Q2 that I need to keep from generating the magic smoke? I believe that one smaller resister per Q2 would be better than one large resister.

    I have the following to work with:
    4 x cree Q2
    4 x Fraen FRC reflectors
    6 x C NiMH
    1 x tri/quad cree heatsink
    1 x 52mm borofloat lens
    host: 3D mag or 4D mag

    I would appreciate any input. I'm leaning towards the resistors because I can get them locally and get the light built quickly. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Help w/ quad cree:dd + what Ohms = good?

    Are these Cree Xre's emitters, or are they mounted on stars?

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