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Thread: How are the TerraLUX Maglight drop LEDs?

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    Question How are the TerraLUX Maglight drop LEDs?

    I'm looking at getting a Teralux drop in LED for my 3D maglight. So, how are they? My main concerns are, is the output only good for the first 10 or 20 minutes? Or is it more regulated then that? And do you get a doughnut hole? Other then that how is the throw, the runtime, and the output, is it a true 150, or at least about 130 or 140?

    Has anyone tried the LED/clikie kit they sell at Target for the Mini Mag? (how are those?)
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    Default Re: How are the TerraLUX Maglight drop LEDs?

    I bought two of the TLE-6EXB models about 3 weeks ago and have been giving them a wring out.

    The aren't "blasters" by any means, but they are a HELLUVA improvement over the stock 3-D cell with Krypton bulb.
    The only reason I bought the modules was because I already had two of the 3-D Maglites, but I don't think I'd go out and buy a new Maglite if you didn't already have one, just to put the Terralux module in. There are too many other good choices in lights these days to do that.

    But like I said, if you already have a 3-cell Maglite, you really do need to upgrade it, and the newest Terralux is great.
    You get longer significantly longer runtimes, like around 20 hours or so, and the beam is bright and throws well for what it is (again, compared to the original Krypton). While the Malkoff is supposed to throw better, you back up to around 6 hours of runtime (no slouch there, either), but I rather like the way longer runtime I have now with a beam that is fine for most uses. (I'll point out that I have other lights I use for those "specialized" situations).
    I've decided to keep my Maglite/Terralux lights, but I use them mostly as "stash" lights I leave in my truck, and I have one in a wall bracket next to the main electrical service at my business.

    I've left one of mine on for over an hour straight and didn't see any change in color although the module does get hot.
    When using the Terralux, I find that there are really only two "positions" for the adjustable reflector. One is to adjust the hotspot to the widest possible just before you put a donut hole into it. At that point, it's a nice solid hotspot with good spill. The other way is to adjust it to where the hotspot is the smallest as possible which is what will give you the farthest throw.
    Adjusting it any other way will look ugly, so that's why I say that it becomes a "2 position" adjustment.

    I also bought two of the TLE-5EX for my two Mini-Mags when I bought the bigger ones for the 3-D cell lights, and I have to say that I'm actually more impressed with the difference that the Terralux's made in the Mini-mags. I've thought about putting clickies on them, but decided not to; they're just fine the way they originally work for me.
    The main thing I can say about the Mini-mag/Terralux performance is that they now make GREAT "house lights". They are plenty bright to use inside the house at night when the power goes off, and the extra runtime of the AA's with the LED's make them even better candles. BUT, they don't hold a "candle" to my Fenix L2D-CD/Q5 even though they both use 2-AA batteries. The L2D is what I usually pick up to check things out around the house, but I like having the Mini-mags as backup.
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