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Thread: My first bike light projects

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    Default My first bike light projects

    Thanks to lots of ideas and guidance found searching the information here I have completed construction of a handle bar mounted triple CREE XR-E P4 light and a single P4 helmet light. They work very well so I thought I would show them off here.

    The triple light is similar to a number of lights I have seen here, and constructed from a mixture of aluminum square tubing and angle stock. I attached it to my bike with a couple conduit holders. I used reflectors for the optics. I will try to get some beam shots, but this is about equivalent in light and spill to my 6v 25W (10W spot, 15W flood) halogen, although the light is much whiter. I used 800ma flash light drivers, and have the switches set up so I can run 1, 2 or 3 LEDs at a time.

    The helmet light is a modified cheap flashlight (MXDL 5W). I replaced the led and reflector with a P4 and 8* optics, wired a flash light driver in line, and was able to use the clicky switch from the end cap inline.

    For batteries I got lucky and found a damaged battery pack on the bike trail I commute on. After waiting 2 weeks to see if anyone would see my Craigslist add and claim the battery, I was able to scavenge 10 4.2AH NiMH cells and made a 7.2v and a 4.8v battery pack for the lights. Digging around in my junk drawer I found a couple RC chargers that I can use to charge these.

    Thanks to not having to invest in batteries and chargers, this turned out to be a pretty inexpensive project. Less than $100 to assemble the lights, battery packs, and put the right connectors on old chargers.

    aluminum bits $20
    4 mounted P4s $20
    4 reflectors $8
    4 800 ma drivers $6
    optics 8* $2
    RC power connectors $10
    conduit holders $3
    switches $6
    plexiglas panel cover $1
    old water bottle, epoxy, heat sink silicon, wire, silicon sealer, etc. already on hand

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    Default Re: My first bike light projects

    Hi, very, very nice!!!

    Greetings - Saludos


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    Default Re: My first bike light projects

    Great job! Lots of innovation there.

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