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Thread: Rebel minimag build?

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    Default Rebel minimag build?

    Well, based on my criteria to run off of 2xAA NiMH batteries, it looks like my minimag mod will have to be LED based. I have a Ultrafire that ran a P4 cree which I upgraded to Q5 with the board, and I also have a MTE rebel100.

    Both are great, 1 cell lights. Both would be better with 2 cells for a higher Vin. I'm thinking rebel since I prefere the tint/color rendition, although Q5 would be a little brighter; possibly.

    It really boils down to what parts I can find. I need a 14mm driver board and PCB along with the appropriate reflector to fit the minimag head as I doubt the mag reflector will work well with either led (maybe the rebel) even after drilled to accept the emitter.

    Now, The Sandwich Shoppe has a thin rebel PCB that might work, but I haven't a clue what driver I'd need for a rebel (are they 3.7V drivers?) Looking for non-UI with highest possible current from 2xAA NiMH cells.

    As for the cree stuff, like I said it would be a Q5 or R2 depending on how soon I start. Haven't looked around much, but cree is rather plentiful. Hell I could probably get everything I need from Deal Extreme; not sure though.

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    Default Re: Rebel minimag build?

    The constant current drives at the sandwich shoppe should work, just pick one with the right Vin and current. Let me know how it goes, I'm thinking about doing this as well.
    My mods: Huntlight FT-01 w/ Cree XR-E, Black Diamond Moonlight w/ Nichia CS LEDs, Streamlight Survivor LED w/ Seoul P4, SL PP 4AA Lux w/ Edison Edixeon Star, Lumapower M1 w/ Seoul P4, Pelican M3 w/ Cree XR-E star, SL Argo HP w/ Seoul P4, a penny and part of a copper pipe cap

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    Default Re: Rebel minimag build?

    they are sold out of the pcb however

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    Default Re: Rebel minimag build?

    I know SSC, Cree and Rebel all like different reflector shapes. How does the rebel do with the mcr-18 (i think thats the one from sandwich shoppe which works in the MM head)? Or how about, for argument sake, the stock reflector?

    Just need to find a ~14mm pcb for it and a rb100; but thats just a matter of finding some.

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