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Thread: Terralux Minimag UV drop in LED LIFE?

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    Arrow Terralux Minimag UV drop in LED LIFE?

    I was wondering how long the life of the LED would be on a UV high output like this. I already have the royal blue version of the terralux and it has lasted over a year and it is still going. anybody have this LED upgrade? and is terralux gonna continue to make minimag mods??

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    Default Re: Terralux Minimag UV drop in LED LIFE?

    I'm not going to do a runtime test (waste of batteries IMO) but I suspect it'll run a long time. Especially due to the fact that one isn't going to be using a UV light an extended amount of time unless they're doing some CSI type work, and I doubt the wavelength is ideal for that.

    The Terralux will fluoresce a lot of things, but not bodily fluids or urine very well. I've been out around the house and I know my neighbors dog visits his tree once a day and I saw nothing on it. The other.. Not going there.
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