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Thread: Best LED Flashlight on the market??

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    Default Best LED Flashlight on the market??

    Moved to LED forum.

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    Default Re: Best LED Flashlight on the market??

    Whoa, you've got a ton of variables that can blow this question apart. In all honestly, there really isn't any ONE flashlight out there that's the best LED flashlight on the market... If there were, we wouldn't have such a broad range of lights from a ton of manufacturers.

    With that being said, I'd vote for the MadMax/BadBoy module as ONE of the best overall LEDs out there. If you were to stick to non-modification, factory manufactured lights, I would say the SureFire A2 or KL1/2/3 combo is quite possibly one of the best overall.

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    Default Re: Best LED Flashlight on the market??

    You'd probably get better results with this question in LED forum.
    The Arc LS is a top contender. But then again so is the Arc AAA. And the CMG Infinity.
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