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Thread: SF KL3 arrived, first impression and quality issue

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    Default SF KL3 arrived, first impression and quality issue

    I received a black KL3 from LPS yesterday for $50 shipped. First impression is it is BIG and light for its size. Put it on a 6V setup, it is BRIGHT. Compare to X5T, it is more than a few time bighter. Color wise, it is whiter although there is still slight blue hint away from the hot spot. I tood it out for a night walk, found it is a lot more useful than X5T. I was very happy with the bightness and usefulness.

    However, upon further examine. I found some un-surefire like quality issue:

    First is that the beam is not exactly a even circle, the hot spot is not exactly centered of the beam.

    Second is there is no black anodized material on the very edge of the fin (maybe it has came off during trasportation), but I expect the black anodized is tougher than that.

    Third is that the nitrolon ring that keep the pryex lense in place has different thickness. Although the difference is small, but noticeable when you look stright down the at the LED.

    These are so far what I have found. Overall, I like the KL3, but I also expect more from SF for a LED bezel that cost $50.

    So now I want to know for those of you guys have KL3, did you observed the same qulity issues with your KL3? or just I got a lower qulity KL3? And I want to ask if the FM67 beamcover for M2 will fit on KL3?

    Any comment and advice is appriciated. Thanks alot!


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    Default Re: SF KL3 arrived, first impression and quality issue

    My KL3 is just as described by you - my KL1 was even more off centre. To be honest though, it doesn't really bother me and I never notice it - perhaps I'm becoming more mellow as I aproach middle age....

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    Default Re: SF KL3 arrived, first impression and quality issue

    I only have one KLx that was centered, it is a KL1. The rest are noticeably off center. I did expect more from a company like Surefire so I was disappointed. So disappointed in the KL3's brightness I modded it. Now it is more useful but my Arc LS high dome is my primary EDC. KL3 is waaay too big. What was Surefire thinking???? Hope the KL4, 5 etc are marked improvements.


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    Default Re: SF KL3 arrived, first impression and quality issue

    eel: the nylon ring issue you noticed is present on the M2 bezel i have in my drawer as well, so yours is probably not an isolated case.

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