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Thread: Who loves thier TITAN!

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    Default Who loves thier TITAN!

    Me! I really love it! I wanted a light that would start off really, really, really low and not have to cycle to a higher mode before turning off. It's plenty bright for me also. Mine is easy one hand operation too. I carry it every day, and use it, everyday. I use it in the morning to navigate around the house, on real low as to not disturb anyone. (my wife is a light sleeper).
    I use it at work alot for mundane tasks. (I am a machinist) I also made an attachment so it fits on my magnetic indicator stand. I've used that alot. (I saw apicture of that on this forum a while back!). I keep it on a quick release lanyard atached to my belt loop, then slide it in to my watch pocket.
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    Default Re: Who loves thier TITAN!

    "Love" kinda strong wording. I've EDC'd mine for the last couple months, and like it a lot! UI is outstanding and is one hand or two lips + one hand for turn-off. Avatar remains in my other front pocket. Both remain in my slacks pockets when I hit the sack. I sleep with an E2O "error light on Li Ions.

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    Default Re: Who loves thier TITAN!

    I wish I could Love/Like mine as well, BUT I'm still waiting for it. It makes me wonder why they shipped half of the TITANS and they are still working on the other half ???????????

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