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Thread: US made baby items

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    My wife and I went to babies r us today to begin our search for a crib, playpen, changing table, stroller ad car seat. While looking for the counrty of origin on a car seat, an employee asked if I needed any help. I asked if he knew the coo, he said everything here is imported. He meant hencho in china. We did manage to find a few shirts that were made in shri lanka, but I'd say 99% of the items were china made.

    The conerteble crib we liked was very expensive and extremely poor quality. The craftsmanship was horrible. We'll be spending our money on something that will last, but now the question is where?

    Does anyone know where to find quality baby furniture? Not made in china?
    Sorry for the rant..

    I think I'm going to wind up building our stuff, at least I'll now it will be made well.

    Oh, I also found out that Lowes imports maple venereed ply from china...


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    Check second hand shops. We got a great Jenny Len crib for our grandchild for 35.00.
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    I ordered the plan from rockler and bought wood and made ours. Starting on the second one for our daughter now. So I know where mine was made, my back yard

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    Do you have a picture of it? I have a Rockler just down the road.. thay may be the way I wind up going also.


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    that is the plan. I made the back rail straight and then made the side posts go up higher and curve outward in an attempt to make a sleigh bed like my wife wanted. I'll upload the pictures someplace.

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