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Thread: Achieved!! G2Z-TN pic with details!

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    Talking Achieved!! G2Z-TN pic with details!

    Hi, would any one please post your G2Z-TN picture relativly large? One of my friend want to compare it with G2, and decide one to chose. I can hardly find one pic in CPF. It's not popular one of surefire productions, is it? Thanks!
    Oops! My first topic?

    Almost forgot another question: Why does "G2Z" can not be used as search keyword? Thanks again!
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    Default Re: Need help! G2Z-TN pic with details!

    Try this link:

    I've never seen a picture of a tan one, other than on Surefire's website, and it's a small picture. It really depends on what you want the light for - a G2Z is going to cost you twice as much as a G2, and is not as easily pocketable.

    I have both lights and love them, but the G2Z sits on my nightstand (with an M60 in it) as a supplement to the light mounted to my "home security system". The G2 is just a great all around light IMHO. Light, bright, don't mind if it gets banged up since it's relatively inexpensive, and reliable.

    Good luck with your search.

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    Default Re: Need help! G2Z-TN pic with details!

    I thought about getting a G2Z in tan to match my tan G2, but I couldnt get over the fact that even with the lanyard and pyrex lenses, it still cost twice as much as a G2. It was going to be a dedicated gun light -- i.e. the light I carry when I carry my ccw. However, I just spent a few extra bucks and now have a C2 HA in the mail. It cost me only $90.00 shipped from clicktodeal.
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    Default Re: Need help! G2Z-TN pic with details!

    I'm pretty certain I can find some photos.
    It's easier to search Google then it is my own photo archive so I've started there first
    and on this page here
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    Default Re: Need help! G2Z-TN pic with details!

    I got it! Thank you all for your help!

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