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Thread: FTAO Milkyspit - U2 Query

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    Default FTAO Milkyspit - U2 Query

    Hello - just been reading a thread about upgrading U2's - it is the first I have read of this ability.

    I would be interested to know what you can do to improve output and run time and what it would cost with shipping to the UK (or I have a mate who regularly trips to your side of the water) if it saves much hassle.

    Can you let me know what is feasible.

    I like my U2 BUT as I shoot a lot, I have been using a Tiablo A8 which blows the U2 out of the water in terms of throw and burn time - though it is not a fair comparison as of course the U2 aint a thrower.

    Many thanks

    Simon (Looman)

    Incidentally, your PM box is full :-(

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    Default Re: FTAO Milkyspit - U2 Query

    All the info you want is here:


    Runtimes remain the same, however brightness quadruples!

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