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Thread: Ouch, ran my CL1H DI on 2x123

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    Unhappy Ouch, ran my CL1H DI on 2x123

    I was doing some testing against a Malkov M60 and accidentally used the DI module for a short time with 2x123. Now the pill does not seem as bright as it once was. Have I damaged this 4.2V max unit?


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    Default Re: Ouch, ran my CL1H DI on 2x123

    I heard back from Dereelight and they said it would fry the circuit. Ouch. Looks like I'll be ordering another pill.


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    Sigh Re: Ouch, ran my CL1H DI on 2x123

    Quote Originally Posted by Ginseng View Post
    I heard back from Dereelight and they said it would fry the circuit. Ouch.
    "Fry the ciruit" sounds not good.
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    Default Re: Ouch, ran my CL1H DI on 2x123

    If you only used it a short time and the circuit still works(5%-100% ramping), then you didn't fry the circuit. Did you take lux readings before trying the 123s to have something to compare it to? I don't think you would have damaged the LED either, the circuit would have fried first(shut down). Without any lux readings(before and after) it's really hard to know whether or not you damaged the pill for sure.

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    Default Re: Ouch, ran my CL1H DI on 2x123

    I'm interested in an approximate duration for your description of "for a short time". Are we talking seconds or minutes? As CL1H V3 DI R2 owner, I'm very interested in what you have to say.
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    Default Re: Ouch, ran my CL1H DI on 2x123

    I did a similar thing. Tried my Malkoff M60 that was in a SF G2 with 2xAW R123's and put the M60 in my Dereelight with a 18650 and it worked fine. Then I wasn't thinking and put a Dereelight 3SD in my G2 with the 2 x R123's. It came on, then went out, and I quickly realized what I had done and was like "OH NO!" or something along those lines.

    Later I tired the 3SD back in the Dereelight with a 18650 and it started working fine again. The protection circuit kicked in and saved it I guess. Had I run the light longer, it may have fried eventually. So it maybe a matter of how long you had the 6V going to the DI, but it maybe fried. I'd try it again with a 18650 though after you've let it sit.
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    Default Re: Ouch, ran my CL1H DI on 2x123

    Well now, here's what I did. I was taking comparative beamshots of the CL1H, M60, and L4. This means each light was on about a dozen times for several seconds each shot. Perhaps a few extra times on again for a few seconds each.

    The pill still works, and it still ramps 5-100. However, when I run it on an 18650, the light is noticeably dimmer than it was before the overvoltage. No measurements but I did do plenty of comparisons (white wall and ceiling bounce) against my L4 on a fresh LiIon cell. However, I put in 2 x R123 (3V) cells and tried it and it is very bright and ramps. About as bright as the Malkov M60, which is to say, noticeably brighter than against my L4. This means it's a little brighter than it was prior to the overvoltage and running on an 18650.

    I am not an electrical guy so I couldn't even begin to guess what this might mean.


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    Default Re: Ouch, ran my CL1H DI on 2x123

    I just heard back from Alan again. He said that althought the circuit is "damaged" it's still letting 500mA to the LED. So, the brightness I'm seeing must be 5.6V(?) x 500mA or 2.8A???


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