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Thread: Just got a new SF E1L

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    Buttrock Just got a new SF E1L

    Ordered monday from OpticsHQ, and finally arrived saturday, but considering free shipping all the way across the country,(plus the deal they give us!) i can't really complain.
    Though it's only a 1/2 inch shorter than the L1, it feels (to me) considerably smaller, which is what i was looking for.
    The two stage tactical thumb switch is also a clicky, somehow i didn't realize that before. I went outside last night, and my brother and i were both surprised at the throw from 45 lumens (i know,some lumens are more equal than others ) . The 3 lumen low is also a surprising amount of light. I'd read it was "enough to read a map ..." but it's a little better than that, i'd say.
    I got this light for it's LOW-low and long run time ( supposedly 48 hours on low). I was looking for a more practical,longer running version of the L1, and this seems to fit the bill, it gets thumbs up from me.

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    Default Re: Just got a new SF E1L

    This new E1L sounds like a real winner. Small enough to pocket & bright enough for most illumination tasks.

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    Default Re: Just got a new SF E1L

    Yup, it's great.

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