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Thread: "unique" Black Novatac 120P

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    Default "unique" Black Novatac 120P

    I got my Novatac 120p today and it's a real beauty!! I bought it after reading several positive posts and looking at hundreds of pictures of this cool flashlight.

    But there is a slight "defect" or shall I say rather uniqness to my Novatac compared to all the pictures of i have seen of it.

    Im referring to the text written on the sides of the light. My text is upside down when light is facing left! Only a silly little detail...but still it caught my mind ...

    I guess this is just a assembling mistake? I really dont mind i just find it funny... Anyone else have this "defect" ?

    My is light got #20071 on it.

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    Default Re: "unique" Black Novatac 120P

    You have one of the rare "left handed" models.

    Welcome aboard.

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    Default Re: "unique" Black Novatac 120P

    Quote Originally Posted by spyderlad View Post

    My is light got #20071 on it.
    Nice grab, swing by the link in my sig to add yourself the novatac registry.
    01001100011010010111011001100101001000000110100101 10111000100000011101000110100001100101001000000110 0100011000010111001001101011
    00101100000011010000101001100001011011100110010000 10000001110100011010000110010100100000011101110110 1111011100100110110001100100
    00100000011010010111001100100000011101000110100001 11001001100101011000010111010001100101011011100110 1001011011100110011100101110

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