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Thread: tactical switch for Novatac?

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    Default tactical switch for Novatac?

    Can anyone recommend a black tactical clicky switch that fits the Novatac EDC series? (At this point Novatac isn't selling the black tactical switches as a stand alone item.)

    I have seen "Big Leef" and "Leef McClicky" but not sure if they will fit.

    Any recommendations would be appreciated.


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    Default Re: tactical switch for Novatac?

    only HA-III at for $20.

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    Default Re: tactical switch for Novatac?

    The novatac edc switch is far too specialized for anything else to fit, so a spare part would be the only possibility .

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    Default Re: tactical switch for Novatac?

    Have you called Novatac customer service? In the past I have called them about parts and they refer me to lighthound. But I have been tempted to call them back and ask where lighthound gets their parts? It amazes me that Novatac makes flashlights, but doesn't sell the parts. I could understand this if the light was made in China, but it is supposed to be made here. Lighthound doesn't carry any of the black body parts right now and no other Novatac dealer, except Lighthound carries any other Novatac parts. This seems strange.
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    Default Re: tactical switch for Novatac?

    Novatac is going to sell their switch and Lighthound will have it, but not for a while until Novatac ramps up production....

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