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Thread: SOLD: Mag3C host to fit 3x AW C cells ***SOLD

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    Default SOLD: Mag3C host to fit 3x AW C cells ***SOLD

    more pics courtesy of Mirage_Man:

    modified Mag to house 3x AW C cell li-ion batteries designed/built/crafted by Mirage_Man
    .also including the MagRingD ($11 value) thats pictured in the set of thumbnail images

    $150usd shipped conUS via Priority

    paypal to: abz117 [at] yahoo (d0t) com
    within (2) hours from the time you state, "i'll take it!"

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    Default Re: Mag3C host to fit 3x AW C cells w/ KIU SS bezel

    Per PM!

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