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Thread: ***SOLD**FS: Regulated P7 Mag3D!

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    Wink2 ***SOLD**FS: Regulated P7 Mag3D!

    Check here for more details:

    Parts list:
    CSXPI P7 from Litemania
    DHS HAIII heatsink from H22A
    Brand new black 3D body
    Glass lens
    FiveMega MOP reflector (opening enlarged), not in the original thread but thrown in just for you!
    2 x AMC7135 1400mA boards in parallel

    Will run great off of 3D NiMh's or 4C NiMh's (would require modding the tailcap and spring).
    Batteries not included.

    No beam donut here!

    Canon 20D- AWB, f/4.5, 1/200, ISO3200

    First- Novatac 120T on High. Fresh primary cell.

    Mag Seoul P7 @ 2.8A- CSXPI. No donut!

    No donut!

    $140 Shipped CONUS. If you are farther than a state bordering CA, I'll ship PRIORITY!
    PayPal only please.
    First "I'll take it".
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    Default Re: FS: Regulated P7 Mag3D!

    I'll take it for $140.

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