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Thread: First MOD light, LGI : KL1 Cries uncle!

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    Default First MOD light, LGI : KL1 Cries uncle!

    A few days ago I purchased a LGI from Mr.Bulk, hearing all the great reviews about it I finally broke down and bought one. All I can say is WOW. Previously my brightest LS, the KL1 is now taking a back seat. I bought this light for my mom, but I think I might just keep this one and get her some other light. One of the larger SL leds perhaps. Thanks Mr.Bulk. All I need now is a 5W LS. I was wondering Has any LGI failed to date?

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    Default Re: First MOD light, LGI : KL1 Cries uncle!

    V8, thanks, and...nope.

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