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Thread: *****SOLD ***** 1000 Lumen Ostar Mag by MAC

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    Default *****SOLD ***** 1000 Lumen Ostar Mag by MAC

    Here is one of those Ostar Mags that are so hard to find. This looks like it just left MAC's shop. It includes VERY hard to find 5MEGA 3x17670 battery holder. This light is in perfect condition and throws a WALL of light on high, and runs forever on low. Great UI. Batteries are NOT included

    Here is the actual light I am selling:

    MAC thought of everything on this build:
    Great custom heat sink to handle the Ostar heat signature
    Great reflectors for great flood and decent throw
    Custom switch and great driver board.

    If you are looking for an Ostar light, you will never find a better built one.

    Here are info and pics by MAC from his sales thread (new lights currently unavailable as I understand it):

    -1.25 "D" Size host
    -Switch Converted to Momentary
    -Osram Ostar 1000 Lumen 15watt LED
    -MaxFlex Driver Board (5 levels 350ma, 500ma, 750ma, 1000ma Current Tables)
    -Huge Heasink (Osrams run hot)
    -Fraen Reflector coupled with a Stippled Mag Reflector
    -Tri-Bored for FiveMega's Premium battery holder with charging port. (3x17670)
    -Custom recessed Tailcap Spring

    Theoretic Runtimes using a 1600ma 17670 Cell

    750ma Current Table (battery current draw)

    Level 1 0.041ma Runtime 39 hours
    Level 2 0.314ma Runtime 5 hours
    Level 3 0.523ma Runtime 3 hours
    Level 4 0.846ma Runtime 1.88 hours
    Level 5 1.40 amps Runtime 1.13 hours

    1000ma Current Table (battery current draw)

    Level 1 0.045ma Runtime 35.5 hours
    Level 2 0.463ma Runtime 3.45 hours
    Level 3 0.770ma Runtime 2 hours
    Level 4 1.27 amps Runtime 1.25 hours
    Level 5 2.10 amps Runtime 45 minutes

    This is a great light. I am only selling it so that I can purchase another light.

    Price: $358 shipped priority mail to CONUS. Will ship international, but buyer pays additional costs.
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    Default Re: FS 1000 Lumen Ostar Mag by MAC

    I'll take it. PM sent.

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    Default Re: FS 1000 Lumen Ostar Mag by MAC

    Sold Pending Funds to Neue


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    Default Re: *****SOLD ***** 1000 Lumen Ostar Mag by MAC

    Paid and shipped.


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