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Thread: 123 cell holder? (pics)

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    Default 123 cell holder? (pics)

    Also in this a thread on the SFDB.

    I found a pen with similar packaging to the Retro51 line as mentioned in the SFDB thread. It comes in a clear plastic tube that can hold 123 cells (perfect fit). The pen itself has no markings whatsoever, and this style cannot be found on the Retro51 website. It also accepts Fisher Space Pen refills. It was about USD$5.

    On a side note, the Fisher refill writes great!


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    Default Re: 123 cell holder? (pics)

    If anyone lives near Indianapolis, you can find these pens (in the same container) in a Container Shop located in the Keystone At The Crossing Mall.

    If anyone's looking for a "sweeter" carrier, you might consider the following... First, obtain a Push Pop sucker (available almost anywhere candy is sold, especially gas stations).

    When the candy is gone, remove the push "thingy" that the candy was attached to. You will have to cut/grind off the top of it until it looks something like this...

    Re-insert the push "thingy" into the bottom tube, then take two 123's and insert them into the tube...

    Put the lid back on, and you now have a "sweet" carrier.

    As a bonus, if you wrap a piece of rubber tape around the threads of an Arc LS battery pack, the Push Pop top makes a perfect friction fit. Lowe's homecenter sells a non-sticky rubber tape used to seal leaky pipes, etc. that works perfect. It has no sticky residue, but sticks to itself, and can be easily removed.


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