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Thread: Nite Core D10 or Extreme

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    Popcorn Nite Core D10 or Extreme

    Hi everyone.
    I have been looking for a led light that is very bright with a reasonable run time and is not huge. I need to carry it in my pocket so a clip is required.
    I have looked at the D10 (only on the web, no hands on experience) but it doesn't have a clip (though I have seen home made ones on this forum). I like the idea of it running on one AA battery. The extreme on the other hand has a clip, is brighter by a long way but runs on CR123 (which are not common and cost a squillion quid). I know a lot of you love your Nite Core and I also see a lot love your Fenix.
    I am open to suggestions and if possible include a link to the light you are talking about in your reply. I am steering towards to Nite Core because I can pay for it with paypal and the price includes shipping as I am not a fan of supplying credit card details to companies I know nothing about (Im in Australia so payment is a consideration as well). I have been watching Fenix and Nite Core for a while now and they seem to be above board and a number of you have written only good things about them.
    So what are your thoughts? Im awaiting your replies.
    AKA David

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    Default Re: Nite Core D10 or Extreme

    Welcome to CPF, mulder89!

    There is a thread here which explores this same question, and there are various other threads discussing the D10 vs. other options. I'll close this one to avoid duplication.
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