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Thread: Fenix and Tiablo remote switch

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    good morning experts

    Is there any remote switch I can buy for my Fenix TK10 and Tiablo A9 ?

    Additionally I there any replacement switch for the Tiablo A9 with different behaviour , stock one is ON half power, full power, off
    I would like the opposite: ON full power, half power , off

    Thanks for your input

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    a wolfeyes tape switch will work with the Tiablo but you need solder a short spring to a washer and insulate the 'button' on the inside of the tailcap with liquid insulator or wax paper so that the washer only contacts the button and not the surrounding surface. unfortunately ,i haven't found a hi/lo tailcap for the tiablo.

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    Most of the Thrower makers I spoke to said it was going to be added as an option.

    However, non have delivered.

    Its find something that fits by chance or go DIY.

    I was going to rig the A8 with twin tapes rigged to the high and low output but I have the DIY expertise of Tony Blair as an ambassador of peace in the middle east so it is, as yet, an unfinished project.

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