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Thread: Quick cheap lanyard clasps

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    Default Quick cheap lanyard clasps

    I've been looking for a clasp to quickly attach and remove lanyard but didn't want to pay for $3 each plus shipping so I made my own.

    Take a fishing line leader.

    Cut off the steel line in middle (or leave it if you want the length), connect the swivel to the clasp, attach swivel to lanyard and clasp to flashlight, voila!

    A pack of 10 leaders runs less than $3, and is rated for 30 lbs which I think is plenty strong. You can get fancy and buy the ball bearing swivels that's rated up to 400 lbs but I really think they aren't necessary. So there you go, 30 cents each and a lot smaller, instead of $3 each plus shipping.

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    Default Re: Quick cheap lanyard clasps

    +1, Great Idea

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    Default Re: Quick cheap lanyard clasps

    Good Idea, I have boxes of them right under my nose and I never thought to use them. I was just looking for a detachable solution for my Fenix. By the way, you can buy the snap swivels just as pictured in the second photo, no need to mess around with removing the leader. They can usually be found in brass, stainless, and black.

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