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Thread: RaidFire Spear Mod?

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    Default RaidFire Spear Mod?

    Has anyone successfully swapped the LED for more lumen's?

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    Default Re: RaidFire Spear Mod?

    I do not know if you would gain enough to make it worth your while.... A R2 might make it 5-10% brighter....but then again, it might not. Not all the DBS R2's were brighter than the Q versions.
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    Default Re: RaidFire Spear Mod?

    If you want more output I recommend putting a more powerful driver in it since the Spear has really good heatsinking, overdriving the CREE Q5 to 1.5A or over should give a big boost to it (that will decrease the emitters life some). Changing the led will only give you a marginal improvement.

    Some pics here on disassembly:

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