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Thread: Mini-E20 review

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    Default Mini-E20 review

    Here is my mini-E20 review. I almost did not order the E20, but after handling it for a few days, with a caveat or two, it is a keeper - although I certainly did not need another "keeper".

    Output: The E20 lumens output is certainly less than the L1D-Q5 on Turbo. For me, the E20 lumens output is borderline useful for it's size. I really want/need a "high" in the 120-130 lumen (listed) range for a minimum inside a building. I prefer a single AA light for personal EDC. For personal EDC, I carry the L0D-Q4 on my keyring, an L1D-Q5 or maybe a P3D-Q5 next to my billfold inside the hip pocket, and a P1D-Q5 plus another L0D-Q4 in jacket pockets. 2xAA lights are not EDC for me. I do not want to look like a walking Sam Browne belt with gear hung everywhere, or with interesting bulges under jackets.... For a 2xAA light, then I prefer an output of (listed) 180-200 lumens. So the E20 is not a normal EDC carry. However, the E20 has other virtues.

    Beam color: white with no off colors.

    Focus ability: The E20 has a surprisingly smooth focus. Actually, there is a two-stage spot. a very tightly defined inside circle, surrounded by about an equal distance of an outside circle with indefinite edges. All of this is surrounded by a corona ending with a darker ring, followed by the spill illumination. During focus, the tightly defined circle dissolves into the larger spot, and eventually both of them spread into into the corona. The spill illumination remains roughly the same. When the "spot" starts "dissolving" with a slight hole in the center, then the overall output is dropping too. The tightest focus with the E20 is tighter than the L1D-Q5, but larger than the LD10. The focusing is smooth to manage with a single hand. I find myself using either the tightest focus, or something about where the circle spot has dissolved into the larger spot. I still like some amount of spot for the wide-area sweeps.

    Tactical switch: I am not keen about the tactical switch that prevents a tail stand. however the L1D-Q5 tail cap (+switch) does fit the E20 threads & vice-versa, so my problem is solved. no, the anodizing of the two tail-caps does not match, but I am not particular about that anyway.

    Runtime. Probably the 3+ hours that is claimed. I like the runtime, but miss a higher output. eh, not the first time I have argued with myself and lost....

    size/weight. Small and light for a 2xAA light.

    Summary. The focusing characteristics are what make the E20 a keeper. The E20 provides far better usage characteristics than the usual Maglite with various holes and rings in the beam.

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    Default Re: Mini-E20 review

    Thanks for the review. Who makes the E20?

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    Default Re: Mini-E20 review

    fenix, look over at

    better yet, heres the link

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