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Thread: How versatile can a single light be?

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    Default How versatile can a single light be?

    A couple of weeks ago I put together what I thought would be a near-perfect light for me. I put together the following:

    FM 2 x 18500 body
    Surefire 6P head & tail
    Malkoff M60L lamp

    The idea was that I could use this setup to run either 2 x Li-Ions, or 3 x primaries without having to swap the bulb. If I did want to run an incandescent instead, I could drop in a P90/91 module and still run the same batteries. That was IMO awesome as I had my choice of lamps running either battery type.

    Today I just realized that I could run 2 x AA sized batteries in the same tube (with a little padding), giving me yet another option. With a module like a Malkoff M30, I could run another 3 different battery types in the same general light. This adds yet another level of versatility in the set up, allowing use of 3 types of AA sized batteries (alkaline, lithium, and rechargeable). What a sweet bonus of this size of light.

    Man some of you probably laugh at this but for me it's exciting. It's nice to have the option that if I run out of high power batteries I could just change the lamp and back in business. It's hard for me not to think that 2 x 18500 is the most versatile tube size around, the possible combinations just keeps climbing.

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    Default Re: How versatile can a single light be?

    Glad it works out for you!
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    Default Re: How versatile can a single light be?

    I have a 1.25D Mag with a KD dropin
    I can run it on LiIon D,C or 18650 cells
    3 x AA primaries or rechargeables
    At a reduced output, a single primary D or C size cells

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    Crackup Re: How versatile can a single light be?

    I sort of responded about how versatile my Bigbeam 1000 Ultra Mod was in another thread and it went something like this: It can = be recharged by the sun, jump start a car, swivel it’s head, run on auxiliary, run on emergency auxiliary, give you 625 lumens, or last 178 hours with 15 lumens, double as a boat anchor, not blow away under 100+ mph winds, have a reverse flashing / solid red light, survive EMPs, and have fuses to stop short circuits, run off of 2x 529 batteries, 2x 521 batteries, 2x 8 or 16 AA, 8 C cells, 18 Ah or 17.2Ah SLA batteries, or 4x CR123 cells, and has back up Incandescent low, and Backup LED Low bulbs. All this in a single contained package that “could” be picked up and used at any time. To bad when you go to pick it up, gravity doesn’t really make it very easy.
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