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Thread: Help a totally newbie to MOD / FIX a Ultrafire C8

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    Help Help a totally newbie to MOD / FIX a Ultrafire C8

    Hello all...
    First I would like to advertise everyone that my english sucks
    So please ignore all weird stuff that will appear written over here.

    I bought a Ultrafire C8 from KAIDOMAIN an it worked for only 15 seconds.
    Itīs a 5 modes flashlight with a Q5 emitter and support only one 18650 (2 x 16340 will fry).
    Well.. the flashlight do not light anymore... I disassembled it, put it together again, change batteries and nothing.

    Kai tell me to send it to him to fix it, but the price to send a international package here in Brazil will be the cost of a new flashlight. No thanks.
    I ask him to , please, send me only the pill (itīs threaded and easily removable) but he did not answer after that
    Itīs a shame... I really liked to buy there, but after that DX will be my first (and only) option again. At least they solve the problems in the best way for the customers.

    Now I have a brand new Ultrafire C8 dead.

    I would like to know if is possible to find a new pill to replace it (i did not found searching the net) and if not, I would like sugestions from you guys, the experts, to make this C8 a better flashlight.
    What to buy, where to buy, etc etc etc !!!

    Thank you in advance for suggestions and tips.



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    Default Re: Help a totally newbie to MOD / FIX a Ultrafire C8

    44magnum, I have temporarily deleted your post here, as it is in a foreign language which I do not understand. Is it Portuguese?

    If you post a translation here in English and give a reason why it should also be shown in the original language, I will reinstate it for you.
    Resistance is futile...

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