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Thread: Need help modifying a 3W Cree Projection Flashlight

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    Default Need help modifying a 3W Cree Projection Flashlight

    Hello All

    This is my first time modding a flashlight and im having some problems. Im trying to get the 'pill' out from my cree flashlight so i can access the LED emitter and circuit board ( ). I've managed to remove the reflector easily enough and i see the emitter which it fastened to the heat sink (pill) with two small screws. I tried to remove these but that didn't help much.
    Is there anyone out there that has any experience and/or pictures from modding this light?
    I thought maybe it was possible to seperate the head of the flashlight from the battery compartment, but i cant for the life of me get them apart. Maybe its glued together or maybe there isnt even a joint there..

    As you can see im pretty much stuck so any advice from the more experienced members out there will be appreciated

    Best regards

    - John

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    Default Re: Need help modifying a 3W Cree Projection Flashlight

    Can you get a picture toward the LED with the reflector removed?

    If it is built the way I think it is, then try this:
    Put the LED back in and fasten it with the two screws.
    Take a pare of pliers of the right size and grip opposite valleys of the star, similar to the parts that the crews hold on to.
    Then unscrew with the pliers.

    Be careful not the let the pliers slip and damage anything.

    I'm not sure if the above will work though.

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