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Thread: Surefire KR1 vs. 2x17500, which is better?

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    Default Surefire KR1 vs. 2x17500, which is better?

    I'm looking to upgrade my current work flashlight situation. Here's my situation:

    I need more light, so I've decided to go with a Malkoff M60 LED drop-in. I'm looking at a surefire G2 with a KR1 kit or a G3 with 2x17500 to power it.

    My question is, what's the effective difference between the two setups? I currently use a polystinger, so I'm familiar with the limitations of a ni-cad battery, and I've never used li-ion rechargeables. I've read the threads decribing the pros/cons, so I think I can handle it.

    The B65 ni-cad battery for the KR1 is 6.0V and 1500 MaH. The 2x17500 is 7.4V and about 1500 MaH. Will the 2x17500s somehow provide more performance than the ni-cad? If there's more performance, how much?



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    Default Re: Surefire KR1 vs. 2x17500, which is better?

    If you'll be using a Malkoff M60, you'll need a light with an aluminum bezel to help dissipate the heat. You'll either have to get one for the G-series light you choose, or buy a 6P or 9P instead.

    The Li-ion batteries have several advantages. They'll give you 9v as opposed to 6v with the KR1 kit. This will translate to longer runtime. Also, they won't self discharge, while the Ni-Cads will.
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    Default Re: Surefire KR1 vs. 2x17500, which is better?

    I'm curious... where did you find out that the KR1 is 1500mAH? 6V?

    As I understand... unless something has changed, it's still a 4x 2/3A NiCd pack with ~700-900mAH capacity (not sure exactly)... The nominal voltage would be 4.8V.

    SureFire's Website claims 40 minutes runtime on the P60 for the KR1. The bulb draws ~1.1-1.2A.... do the math


    17500s are about 1100mAH give or take.


    Compare estimated watt hours to get your answer:

    17500: ~7.4V x 1.1AH = ~8WH
    KR1: ~4.8V x 0.8AH = ~4WH

    The 2x17500 option would have double the runtime, AND the total body length would be about 15mm less than a KR1 setup.


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    Default Re: Surefire KR1 vs. 2x17500, which is better?


    Yes, I currently have a G2L, so I've already got the metal bezel. Thank you, though, for pointing this out. Being a new guy, I could have easily overlooked this. My preference would be for a 6 or 9P, but I'm constrained by work regs that require a plastic light.


    Yes, you're right. I was confusing the Stinger battery pack with the B65. Upon checking, I see that you're right, the B65 is ~600MaH at 4.8V.

    You've pretty much provided me my answer.

    Thanks, guys!


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