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Thread: IMR16340 / IMR1850 + MC-E / P7 = I WANT

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    Default IMR16340 / IMR1850 + MC-E / P7 = I WANT

    We haven't seen much in the way of single cell lights that drive a MC-E or P7 very hard. This seems to mostly be due to the fact they require a lot of current. However, now we have these new lithium batteries that can handle up to 5A of current (the 18650's maybe even more?) and companies like Lumensfactory have stepped up and are offering new incan bulbs that can take advantage of these new cells.

    So now we need someone to make a good P60 drop in that can run off a IMR18650 and has a protection circuit to protect the unprotected cell. We could even see a single IMR16340 based light with a MC-E or P7 driven at 2.8 amps, etc. Run times would obviously be short.
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    Default Re: IMR16340 / IMR1850 + MC-E / P7 = I WANT


    Epsilon is almost ready for production of a ED-P71, which is the single 18650 version of the P72.
    Theses Epsilon lights are SSC P7 driven at 3 Amps at emitter. Enormous output on High,... without the 4-die doughnut.

    I have the ED-P72, its a forward switch 4-mode w/ memory. The ED-P71 will not have the strobe, its a High~Med.~Low. *Voltage protection is built into the IC
    These are not the piercing throwers, but produce a very usable balance of flood & moderate throw.
    Truly a beautiful SSC beam.

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    Default Re: IMR16340 / IMR1850 + MC-E / P7 = I WANT

    IIRC, sabrewolf is making customs that run off 1 IMR16340 to drive a P7 at full power/5% in a host from DX. Might be worth checking it out

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