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Thread: Jet III Pro Ultra vs Jet III M

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    Default Jet III Pro Ultra vs Jet III M

    Has anyone had experience with one or both of these lights or know of any side by side reviews or post? I've looked everywhere there seems to be more info available on the M version! Also I wish these lights came with nylon holster!!!
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    Default Re: Jet III Pro Ultra vs Jet III M

    These two lights are apples and oranges; the Ultra is a three-user-settable-mode super-thrower, while the M is a two mode (one settable) serious tactical light, with a beam modestly biased for throw. The M can also accept 123 form cells.

    Both of these lights are really niche/specialty models, and are a good choice if you specifically need a long distance thrower or a hardcore ops light. But for everyday/general use (with the same 18650 battery config), the III Pro and III ST are better choices.

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    Default Re: Jet III Pro Ultra vs Jet III M

    You can find beamshot comparisons of the two lights in this review.

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