I've been doing some searching around and I think I'm interested in getting a P60 based setup to play with. I believe I understand the whole thing but just wanted to run this by the experts before I spend some $$.

Host: I believe I will get a Solarforce L2 based host, it seems like a decent quality without spending a large amount of money and also would like to get an 18650 extension for it.

For modules, I see voltage ranges quoted for input to some modules. Preferably, I'd like to get modules I could use with both 1 x 18650 and 2 x 18650, or is this going to require some compromise? For example, if I see an input range of 3V to 12V (just made up these numbers) is there any guarantee it will be regulated at those lower values or is this something I need to verify with each particular drop-in?

With this in mind, which R2/Q5 drop in should I be looking at for high output, good throw and regulated on 1 x 18650 and 2 x 18650 (prefer single mode), neutral/warm beam is also a plus.

As well, I see a few P7 drop ins floating around and they are direct drive at this point. Are there likely to be any MC-E or P7 modules in the near future that operate on 2 x 18650 and provide full 2.8A regulated output? Or is this pushing the limit of the heat handling of these hosts?