Two years, three months, and three days ago I sold my LunaSol 20 despite having said that I would never sell it and despite having heard and even having repeated the advice that one should never sell a McGizmo light. And for about two years and two months, I didn't really think about my LunaSol 20 much and thus didn't miss it much either.

But then the new guy at work turned out to also be a flashaholic and EDC's one of the NiteCore piston drive lights, and while I didn't care for the way that they implemented their "Smart PD" design, on the electronics side, it did make me remember just how much I loved the piston drive action, and just how much I loved the feel of the metal piston nub and just how much I really wasn't that crazy about rubber booties over clickie switches.

Now, don't get me wrong. I really like the McGizmo clicky switch! I converted my E2e LOTC to a clicky using one of his switches and I definitely prefer that to the LOTC (although I prefer the LOTC over the SureFire clicky). And I think the McGizmo clicky switch in the McGizmo clicky pack is even better. And it's the best feeling bootie of any clicky switch I have ever used. But . . . I still just LOVE LOVE LOVE the feel of the metal piston drive activation. Love it. I also love having a tritium vial in said metal piston tail!

Even so, all of this by itself wouldn't have been enough to make me want to get my LunaSol 20 back. However, the other thing I've come to realize is that--just as I said in this review--I just find a low-flood, high-throw combination light to be fantastically useful. I just do. I added a McGizmo Sapphire to my arsenal of lights (and before that was using my old Arc AAA LE--which has the crimp ring flickering problem). And adding this small, low level, flood light helped for all those tasks that needed such a beam. But it was still using two lights (Sapphire plus Haiku) where before I had only needed one (LunaSol 20).

So, I got my LunaSol 20 back. Well, sadly not my LunaSol 20. I did reach out to the person who bought my light, asking if he would sell it back to me, but alas, he didn't want to--which I of course, could totally understand. Fortunately, coloradogps had a spare LunaSol 20 which he decided he could sell to me. Thank you so much, coloradogps!

And, so, well, for the last week now, I have had a LunaSol 20 again and have been EDC'ing it.

I wondered, while I was waiting for it to arrive on my doorstep--would I find, after so much time, that my memories of the LunaSol 20 were rose-colored? Would I find it difficult to go back to a beam with a lower color rendering index?

Well, I find that my memories were right on and that all the pangs of regret at selling this light were totally justified. I was an IDIOT to ever sell it. And I also am quite pleasantly surprised at how decent the color rendering is on both beams. Not nearly as good as my High CRI Haiku, to be sure, but not bad either. And, more importantly, I am definitely convinced that having a low-flood, high-throw combination light is just freaking fantastically useful. Or it is for me and for my uses.

However, I also find that the High CRI Haiku is still, in my estimation, right up there with my LunaSol 20. It's the only smart, uC controlled UI that I like. I really like it. And I really dislike all the other smart uC controlled switching schemes that I've yet tried. The Haiku is an amazing light and Don's short-off-time switching scheme is the only way to go in this department, in my considered opinion. YMMV.

I sold my LunaSol 20 because I was so happy and pleased with the high CRI Nichia emitters and because I am not a collector and I hate the idea of a light that sits around unused, sitting in a drawer or in a safe or on a shelf. And more importantly, because I tend to be one of those people who kind of thinks in terms of "if I had to sell all my lights but one--if I could only keep one light . . ."

And, well, for the first time, I don't want to answer that question. I will keep my LunaSol 20 and my Haiku and my SunDrop and my Sapphire GS, thank you very much!

And, for the first time, I am embracing the concept of an EDC rotation. My Haiku will not sit unused, I can tell you that!

OK. Well, there it is. I wanted to set the record straight--or rather, update it, especially in light of my post above. I still feel, personally, that the 3S switching scheme has justifiably superseded the piston drive, for reasons which I detail in my Haiku thread. But, until there is a low-flood, high-throw combination 3S light, I will not say that any other light is better than the LunaSol 20 for EDC. YMMV!