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Thread: LED's larger than life

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    Smile LED's larger than life

    So I was cleaning my camera equipment the other day, and, as usual, I like to shine a light through it see if I got rid of the dust on the front and rear elements. Happened to shine it up on the wall, and this is the result!

    It's an M60L shooting through a Canon 70-200, taken with the lens at 70mm. As you can tell, I have some more cleaning to do.

    Let's see those LED's!

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    Default Re: LED's larger than life

    Very cool....i dont have any slr lenses to have this effect.

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    Default Re: LED's larger than life

    I noticed this a while back but I can't remember what lens I used to do it. It is a great way of seeing what an emitter looks like without frying the old eyes.

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    Default Re: LED's larger than life

    That's neat that you can see the detail like that.

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    That's what my aspheric mag looks like shined on a wall.

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    Default Re: LED's larger than life

    That's what many of the lens lights(not optic, lens like an aspherical mag) do.

    Should give a good amount of throw.

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    You can do the same thing with a magnifying glass, but it looks bigger with that lens.

    Its interesting to look at all the different shapes each light makes.

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