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Thread: anybody else just finished with incandescents?

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    Default anybody else just finished with incandescents?

    I can't think of a light I would buy that is not led unless it is HID. Is this the general consensus of LED light enthusiasts?

    Is there some advantage to a bulb that I can't think of at this point, considering how efficient the LED's are getting?

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    Default Re: anybody else just finished with incandescents?

    I'm pretty much done with incans. I picked up a couple of the new Lumens Factory IMR bulbs to turbo charge some of my incans. What I ended up with was bright little incans that suck the batteries dead in no time, and they still aren't as bright as some of my LED lights that are the same size. The only advantage is color rendition, but it only lasts for about a minute before the white beam starts going orange.
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    Default Re: anybody else just finished with incandescents?

    Yes, there are advantages of bulbs. Plenty. Efficiency is just not one of them. As this very subject has been intensively discussed recently I'll close this thread and have you read these instead:

    There is a type of perfection that transcends the quest for lumens. Buying a $250 1-cell light for "lum factor" is like buying a $250 single malt Scotch for the alcohol content.
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