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Thread: Headlamps Shootout

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    Buttrock Headlamps Shootout

    Tested headlamps:
    Silva Alpha 6 - Luxeon K2 TFTC
    Silva LX – Luxeon K2
    Silva L1 – Luxeon III
    Silva L1 mod – SSC P4
    Silva 478 - halogen

    Black Diamond Icon - Cree XR-E
    Black Diamond Spot - Cree XR-C

    Petzl Ultra - SSC P4
    Pezl Myo RXP - SSC P4 bin U
    Pezl Myo XP - SSC P4 Bin T
    Petzl Tikka Plus - 5mm

    Streamlight Argo HP - Cree XR-E

    Mactronic HLS-K2SL – Luxeon K2 (Rayovac / River Rock / Headstream / Cabela's - K2)

    Black Diamond Spot - 3x5mm leds

    Black Diamond Spot - Cree XR-C - Low

    Black Diamond Spot - Cree XR-C - Mid

    Black Diamond Spot - Cree XR-C - High

    Black Diamond Icon - 4x5mm leds

    Black Diamond Icon - Cree XR-E - low

    Black Diamond Icon - Cree XR-E - mid

    Black Diamond Icon - Cree XR-E - high

    And there should be 40 more photos here... But I think that it will be too hard to compare by posting them like that.

    Rest of the photos you can find on my website :
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    Default Re: Headlamps Shootout

    Thank you so much for the great comparison tool Szemhazai. Side by side makes it easy to decide between contenders that look close on paper.

    One quick question about the MYO RXP … have you had any problems running it for extended periods on high (140lm) with heat, step down, etc.?

    Thanks again!
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    Default Re: Headlamps Shootout

    Outstanding work! All you need now to complete the comparison are the PT Eos rebel and PT Apex 130lm model.
    Is that a torch in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

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    Default Re: Headlamps Shootout

    excellent work

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    Default Re: Headlamps Shootout

    I take it the Black diamond Icon has been updated recently cause i have the one with the lux emiiter ??
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    Default Re: Headlamps Shootout

    Wow!!! What an incredible amount of very useful information, on one page. I really like how you give a white-wall sample and then a bike path sample.
    I used an SSC P4 U-bin modified Argo HP for my night time bike riding for nearly 2 yrs, but I ruined the light when I recently tried to modify the driver for slightly more output. The Petzl RXP looks like a nice light, from a practical/budget minded point of view.
    Thank you very much for sharing this body of work, here!

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    Default Re: Headlamps Shootout


    I sincerely appreciate the time you took to set that up for us.


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    Default Re: Headlamps Shootout

    i have the Streamlight Argo HP, if you could slip a diffuser in-between the lense & reflector it will produce a more useable flood in my opinion. the hotspot is way too small to adequately see a path.

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    Default Re: Headlamps Shootout

    BLT Lights Ultra Doppler DX

    • Multi-function LED design for handlebar or helmet use
    • 5 x 16,000 MCD super-white LEDs
    • IC-controlled HIGH/LOW function and flash
    • Includes articulating helmet mount
    • $ 56.00

    I put that light on to the top of my bike helmet.


    Manufacturer: Cat Eye
    Category: Lights - Headlights

    Cat Eye HL-EL530 Power OptiCube features one powerful ultrabright, white LED.

    Product InformationOptiCube lights use superbright, long-running, white LED technology
    Tool-free Flex-Tight mount is secure; fits all bar diameters
    One powerful ultra-bright, white LED
    Includes batteries

    Detailed SpecsBattery: 4 AA
    Bulb: 1 white LED
    Run Time: 30+ hrs

    Price: $60.00
    I put that on my handle bars.

    The one on my handle bars show colors of plants on the trail 75 feet in front of me.
    How fast I can go down hill can be limited to how well I can see.

    I have lived at 300 feet elevation for 10 years and biked to the beach every night for 10 years.
    In the winter it is dark.
    WHen I start out my eyes are accustomed to indoor light.
    So my head lamps have a daily effect on my quality of life.
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